SmartVision™ Track Condition Monitoring

Industry-Leading Track Condition Monitoring Technology for Track & Track Assets from In-Service Trains
Developed in Collaboration with VR FleetCare

Heavy railway train wheels on a track

SmartVision™ Track Condition Monitoring incorporates an industry-leading solution to monitor the condition of track and track assets from in-service trains. The technology analyses data to detects problem areas to provide a timely view to the condition of the track infrastructure. The resulting clear actionable information enables well-timed condition-based service interactions for effective rail asset management.

Sensor data from in-service rolling stock captures both the response of the vehicle from the direct wheel/track interaction and movements of the bogie. Measurement data is collected from both the frame of the bogie and the axle bearings enabling a comprehensive understanding of how the track condition affects the moving vehicle.

The system contains a hierarchical track topology model of the rail network, which, when correlated with on-vehicle GPS information, enables the location of track related events to be pin-pointed and visualised on a map, identifying gradually developing problems for the rails, various track elements and supporting structures.

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SmartVision™ Track Condition Monitoring

Measurement Train

Optical and Laser Measurement

Data Collection Frequency

Suitable for winter conditions with snow & ice

Detecting track support and ballast problems

Detecting track sections causing hunting of trains

Detecting corrugation on rail surface

Response of track to passing train

Measuring geometry of track

Detecting obstacles around track

Source: EKE’s internal analysis

SmartVision™ Track Condition Monitoring User Interface

SmartVision’s™ user interface is designed so that it is easy to use and understand. Initially, information is presented at a high level, giving an overview of the health status of the asset. Further screens are available to allow people to review the data in more detail.

SmartVision™ gives users full access to their data so it is possible to download the raw data that led to the alert to enable further analysis using your own tools.

SmartVision™ is accessible via a standard web browser. EKE recommends performing user authentication via integration into the operator’s single sign-on environment.

Track Condition Monitoring Overview Screen

Overview Screen

SmartVision’s™ map application accurately pinpoints the location of warnings and alerts. These are colour-coded to indicate the level of severity.

A table is provided giving further information about the alert such as date/time, asset ID, detection value, speed and location.

Track Condition Monitoring detailed view

Detailed View

Clicking on a map pin or a table row will zoom into the map view to show a detailed view of the asset, together with a trend curve showing the degradation of the asset.

The table can be further filtered and sorted on the overview and detailed view screens.

Finally, a view of the data that led to the alert is displayed. The user can zoom in to the data to examine its features and export it for their own analysis.

A yellow train in an underground tunnel

SmartVision™ Rail Asset Database for Track Condition Monitoring

SmartVision™ includes a rail asset database, which is a hierarchical location-based topology model of the rail network. It is typically populated with asset data imported from a national railway asset register and stores information about the configuration and maintenance history of each asset. The track topology, when correlated with SmartVision™ on-vehicle GPS information, enables the location of track related events to be pin-pointed.

Sensor data received from the trains include GPS coordinates. These co-ordinates are checked against the database to determine whether the alert is from a rail asset such as insulated joints and switches or whether it is track related. Data of each detection is stored for each asset or track to form a trend curve describing the changes in condition of the asset. This enables condition monitoring and predictive analytics process to be performed individually for each segment of track or track asset.

Detection Capabilities of SmartVision™ Track Condition Monitoring

The SmartVision™ Track Condition Monitoring system analyses the vibration generated by the track and generates a number of condition indicators that detect changes related to degradation within the track and for track assets.

Some examples of where the monitoring system has been given indications of rail defects are:

Insulation joint fish plate
Switch crossing
a broken rail
train wheels on a train track
two trains travelling into the distance

Insulation joint fish plate damage

Switch crossing damage

Broken Rails

Stones on the rail


For more information download our SmartVision™ Track Condition Monitoring Solution Description