SmartVisionTM Functions

A diagram showing the different modules of the SmartVision software and how they fit together

Modular End to End Solution

SmartVision™ has been designed with a modular architecture enabling common hardware and software elements to be applied to different customer applications, simplifying set-up/configuration and reducing costs, whilst maintaining the ability to meet specific customer requirements where appropriate.

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Multifleet Functionality

SmartVision™ is intended to manage fleets of multiple assets from different generations, allowing access to data for the whole fleet from a single system. Open interfaces, APIs and a flexible/comprehensive data repository enables information to be compared/correlated for all assets with varied configurations and functional requirements, on a per-type basis or across the whole fleet.

A collection of screen shots from the SmartVision software

Customisable Visualisations

SmartVision™ allows the user to personalize the appearance of the dashboard. Each of the components in the user interface are built as widgets so they can be configured to meet the needs and requirements of each individual user. For example, emphasis on alerts, data tables, location maps, data time-series, risk tables can be tailored to meet individual user preferences.

SmartVision™ allows the use of different user profiles. Operating center, maintenance planning, depot or fleet management personnel can all be provided with a SmartVision™ graphical user interface tailored to their needs.

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Secure Data Management

SmartVision™ provides a high level of protection for the exchange of information within the system. SmartVision™ can be implemented on secure cloud servers or on customer owned servers. Cybersecurity measures are taken to guarantee the privacy of customer data and avoid intrusion. Firewalls are used for restricting access to the SmartVision ™ gateways and servers.

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Scalable Cloud Environment

The SmartVision™ software is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) providing a turn-key solution for rolling stock and track condition monitoring. SmartVision™ utilizes server virtualization and is based on microservice architecture. This allows true scalability providing the optimal computing power to process the varying data flow from fleets as well as to execute the analysis procedures initiated by the users. This allows flexibility when adding new fleets or applications to the system.

Core Functions

SmartVision™ enables operators to receive information from their rolling stock fleets and tracks and visualize it in real-time. The core functions include:

an icon of a monitor

Fleet status dashboards

An icon of a ringing alarm clock

Centralized faults and alarms

an icon of a calculator

Fault filtering and analysis tool

an icon showing an open hand

Standardized support procedures

An icon of a ticket

Integration to Maintenance Management System with automatic or semi-automatic ticketing.

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User and role management

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