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Over 80 years of accumulated knowledge of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

About SmartVision

The SmartVision team provide leading technologies to operators, maintainers and infrastructure owners to provide solutions for the condition monitoring and predictive maintenance needs of rolling stock and infrastructure.

In 2019, EKE-Electronics acquired Humaware, a UK firm specialising in predictive condition monitoring analytics. Through this acquisition, EKE-Electronics expands its range of offerings to become a leading global supplier of remote condition monitoring systems for railway applications.

The EKE and Humaware teams have over 80 years of accumulated knowledge of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Our global partnership with Mitsubishi Electric adds new dimensions to the SmartVision™ capability.

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SmartVision Mission

SmartVisionTM by EKE is the data-driven future of maintenance, generating value by helping customers in the Global Rail Industry to increase the efficiency of maintenance activities by predicting failures earlier. It enables you to optimise maintenance activity, save costs and increase operational efficiency.

We thrive on a culture of integrity, growth, expertise, innovation, customer service and personal development, and aim to be a supplier and employer of choice.

SmartVision Vision

Our vision is to be the world leaders in the supply of predictive condition-based maintenance solutions for trains, metros, trams and track in the Global Rail Industry, reducing the cost of ownership of railway assets by increasing their availability and safety, through the application of reliable technology and services which can add real customer value in the form of actionable information.

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SmartVision Values


Supporting you from the early stages of your project to its very end

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We can help you to define specifications and to design your system in the most efficient way. We can also advice you on sourcing and recommend suitable technologies and products for the best results. We can help with all technical aspect of your project.

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We support you during the entire lifetime of your project. We can help you to develop your own system or alternatively develop it for you. We can also assist you at the installation, testing and commissioning stages, to the extend your require.

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We provide all the necessary training to help you master our technologies, including both Hardware and Software. Trainings can be dispensed at your premises, or alternatively at EKE-Electronics. We can also share with you our experience and know-how to make sure you use our products and tools as efficiently as possible.

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Maintenance and Repairs

We guarantee at least 30-years of support for all our products. It shows the faith we have in their quality. We provide fast product repair, spare parts, Hardware and Software upgrades, support contracts and on-site technical assistance.

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