Track and Train Condition Monitoring Solutions

Two London trains side by side arriving at a station (near Victoria station)

Track & Train Condition Monitoring

From In-Service Rolling Stock

SmartVision ™ is a modular remote condition monitoring system using in-service rolling stock to monitor track and trains, enabling well-timed condition-based service interactions.

SmartVision’s Track Condition Monitoring Solution detects problem areas on track and track assets to provide a timely view of the condition of the track infrastructure.

SmartVision’s Train Condition Monitoring Solution is designed for monitoring components on a variety of rolling stock (trains, locomotives, passenger cars, regional trains, metro trains and trams).


Optimise operations and resources to improve competitiveness and increase asset availability


Real-time monitoring enables faster communications and operational scheduling


Reduce unplanned maintenance using optimum detection capability for the earliest detection of events


Well maintained rolling stock and track running on time contributes to a rise in passenger satisfaction

SmartVision Track Condition Monitoring Overview Screen on Desktop

SmartVision Track Condition Monitoring

Developed in collaboration with VR FleetCare

SmartVision™ provides a unique solution to use sensor data from in-service rolling stock to capture both the response of the vehicle as felt by driver/passengers and the direct vehicle/track interaction.

Measurement data is collected both from the wheels with a hard contact to the track, and from the movements of the car body, which is isolated from the track by suspension, enabling a comprehensive understanding of how the track condition affects the moving vehicle.

The system contains a hierarchical track topology model of the rail network, which when correlated with SmartVision™ on-vehicle GPS information, enables the location of track related events to be pin-pointed.

SmartVision Train Condition Monitoring 

Developed in collaboration with VR FleetCare

SmartVision™ provides a fully integrated system for the monitoring of rolling stock. The on-board sensors and sensor gateway collect relevant asset health information which is transformed into meaningful condition indicators.

After initial pre-processing and data cleansing (quality/stability checks), these are sent to the SmartVision™ cloud application where diagnostic processing and prognostic forecasting is performed.

The condition indicators are parameters that are influenced by asset health, for example, increasing vibration due to wheel bearing degradation or an HVAC system not providing enough cooling with abnormally high power consumption could indicate filter congestion.

The SmartVision™ user outputs are relevant warnings/alerts, diagnostic reports and remaining useful life estimates.

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